We’re building a future in which informal retailers in Africa can thrive

Nomanini means ‘anytime’ in Siswati.

We chose this name because it reflects what we do: we use mobile technology to help informal retail merchants offer electronic products and banking services to their communities – anytime. Our merchant wallet connects thousands of these merchants across Africa to distributors and banks.

It’s all part of our plan to help overcome fragmentation, optimise digital distribution, ​​​​​​​and scale Africa’s informal retail ecosystem.

About us

As the pioneering fintech platform for the informal retail ecosystem, Nomanini connects merchants and distributors to each other and global service providers, integrating payments, working capital, and data analytics to unlock the latent potential of Africa’s economy.

We are a South African-based enterprise payments platform provider that has been working with informal retailers across the continent since 2012.

We have Pan-African partnerships enabling thousands of informal merchants to provide distribution and banking services in their local communities.

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What makes Nomanini different?

Nomanini is completely unique.

We’re a technology company that’s driven by a desire to help others. We’re a small core team with big partnerships. We’re a global company with a local touch. We’re the only fintech company today that can unite the fragmented African retail economy.

Merchant-first expand_more

Nomanini’s proposition was built around merchants. By providing merchants with the digital tools for success, our platform unlocks value all the way up the value chain, digitising and ultimately optimising the relationship between merchants, distributors and banks.

Meet fragmentation with unity expand_more

Unique proprietary technology and in-depth, pragmatic market know-how have made Nomanini the first and only fintech company that can unite the fragmented African retail economy.

Proven fintech platform built by practitioners expand_more

Built by practitioners and designed for hyper-localised environments, our managed service platform connects payments providers, distributors and banks with the informal retail economy. Nomanini’s scalable, robust and modular cloud-based platform can be used by field representatives, call centres and sales managers to transform the African retail supply chain.

Unrivalled market pedigree expand_more

With nearly ten years’ experience working with merchants, distributors, banks and regulators across the continent, Nomanini has an unrivalled ability to overcome the nuanced challenges of the fragmented informal retail sector.

Global reach, local touch expand_more

Nomanini’s platform connects informal African retail economies to each other and global service providers. Hyper-localised in-country teams of field representatives have the local expertise to test, validate and activate new services and capabilities, ensuring retail propositions are tailored to meet the needs of local markets.

Our Team

We’re an energetic team of technology lovers and people enablers.

We’re passionate about using technology to promote unity, provide equal access to services, and empower informal entrepreneurs.

We’re always looking for new talent, so please visit our careers page if you’re up for the challenge.