The end-to-end fintech platform for Africa

Nomanini’s merchant wallet connects the fragmented ecosystem around informal merchants. It enables merchants to offer products and services from a range of distributors using a single device. They can use the same device to offer basic banking services to their communities.

Distributors – grow your business

Using Nomanini’s tools, merchants can sell so much more than scratch cards.

Merchants can facilitate a range of electronic transactions, including:

  • Selling prepaid airtime and electricity
  • Accepting bill payments
  • Performing basic cash in/out banking transactions

Simple, robust tools for effective scale

Nomanini’s merchant tools are easy to understand and use and can withstand tough conditions, making your existing distribution network more effective, while offering the chance to expand your network.

Sell more products

Merchants can sell a wider variety of products.

Offer the right denominations

Always have the denominations customers want.

Improve security

Keep electronic records of all cash deposits and protect the merchant’s account with a password and ​​​​​​​remote locking.

Manage merchant performance

Dashboard reports let you understand ​​​​​​​the performance of each merchant.

Banks – Reach underserved markets

Banking services to the trade and consumers – where they work and live

Provide solutions for retail entrepreneurs in cash-first informal markets and by doing so, reach millions of consumers and grow your business beyond bank branches. Working through an informal merchant is much more cost-effective than opening a bank branch or ATM, or employing a dedicated mobile money agent.

Provide solutions for informal retailers

Provide business solution such as credit, savings and insurance for informal retail entrepreneurs at their place of business.

Digitise cash-first value chains

Lead the digitisation of cash in the supply chain and gain those deposits and cash flows.

Access cash-based economies

Bridge the gap between physical and digital to create a financial services product that provides real value to the untapped informal retail trade.

Turn merchants into transaction points

Enable consumers to make convenient cash deposits and withdrawals via their local merchant.

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