Finance stock onto the shelves of the general trade.

Our Last-mile Supply Chain Financing solutions enables FMCG manufacturers and distributors to responsibly deploy productive capital to MSME retailers to stock their shelves with FMCG goods. 

Nomanini combines new digital financial services with existing distribution networks to unlock value for financial service providers, fast-moving consumer goods providers and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (MSME) retailers along the entire value chain.

Fit-for-purpose solutions

As the specialist in fintech innovation for cash-first markets, solutions on our platform can be rapidly configured to address the individual business and country needs.

Our solution enables FMCG companies to:

  • Finance stock onto the shelves of the general trade on own balance sheet
  • Increase sales in general trade by solving the working capital needs of merchants
  • Derive supply chain efficiencies through digitisation
  • Unlock general trade data, gaining visibility of merchant sales and preferences

Key solution capabilities

For fast moving consumer goods manufacturers and distributors looking to deploy financial solutions in the general trade, our platform offers the following capabilities.