For banks

Develop and deploy business banking products for retail merchants.

Our fit-for purpose banking wallet and credit platform promotes high MSME adoption, enabling low-cost deployment at scale. 

Nomanini combines new digital financial services with existing distribution networks to unlock value for financial service providers, fast moving consumer goods providers and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (MSME) retailers along the entire value chain.

Fit-for-purpose solutions

Whether you are looking for a pervasive and low-cost channel to reach unbanked consumers or wanting to acquire MSMEs as banking customers in cash-first markets, we’ve got you covered with a range of solutions to meet your ambitious strategic objectives.

  • Merchant Channel: Create pervasive points of representationt
  • Merchant Business Wallet: Acquire retail MSME merchants as customers
  • Merchant Supply Chain Finance: Deploy responsible capital to retail MSMEs

Key solution capabilities

For financial service providers looking to deploy financial solutions in cash-first markets, our platform offers the following capabilities.

Merchant Channel

Building a banking channel can be costly. Our Merchant Channel solution enables the rapid creation of pervasive points of representation at low cost.

Through our existing partnerships with FMCG providers, we facilitate access to established retail networks. Increase deposits by transforming retail MSMEs into cash-in/cash-out points and reach beyond the traditional branch and ATM infrastructure.

An interoperable, white-labelled wallet combined with a cloud-based payments infrastructure, switching, core transaction ledger, and management tools enable the effective support of retailers.

Merchant Business Wallet

Reaching and onboarding new customers can be cumbersome. Our Merchant Business Wallet enables the rapid acquisition of retail MSMEs as business banking customers at scale in cash-first markets.

Our fit-for-purpose interoperable business wallet for retail MSMEs provides you the ability to serve unbanked merchants at their point of activity. Our existing FMCG value chain relationships enable a cost-effective way to acquire and onboard retailers.

Merchant Supply Chain Finance

Put your loan book to work in the informal retail market.

Deploying capital can be risky, particularly in traditionally cash-first markets. Our Merchant Supply Chain Finance solution enables you to deploy a responsible balance sheet to merchants to finance stock from FMCG manufacturers and distributors.

Earn fees on your loan book by providing much-needed working capital to merchants in the form of stock advances.

The Supply Chain Finance solution ensures effective loan book management with Nomanini’s purpose-built, automated credit management system.